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Containment: The Complete Series (ebook)

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Get sick. Get caught. Disappear.

Martin Gratz is a man that wants nothing more than to keep his family safe. It’s been decades since a virus nicknamed “The Spot” swept across the globe, killing millions. Never fully eradicated, the disease is kept in check by a ruthless government practice known as “containment.”

For years, Martin has managed to keep his family healthy and under the government’s radar. But after watching their long-time neighbors and friends shoved into the back of a government containment van, his last sense of security is shattered when his daughter reveals her own infection…

He is immediately faced with a choice and no time to think: stay and wait until the government comes for his family, or take his chances on the run. Keeping their secret is crucial to surviving suspicious citizens and vigilant police, but it’s nothing compared the secrets they’ll uncover along the way.

Containment: The Complete Series contains the entirety of the saga of the Gratz family from beginning to end, including Zero: A Containment Story, a short story set in the early years of the original outbreak. Titles included in this set include:

  • Containment (Book 1)
  • Quarantine (Book 2)
  • Eradication (Book 3)
  • Zero: A Containment Story

If you're a fan of chilling dystopian futures, gripping post-apocalyptic survival, and shocking conspiracies, you'll love The Containment Series.

Buy Containment: The Complete Series today, and don't get sick, don't get caught.
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