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Quarantine (Containment Series Book 2) (ebook)

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The Gratz family is in pieces. Martin stands alone, looking for a way to reunite them against a government still looking for him...

Martin Gratz watched his family sail to safety in the protection of an old friend. Now he must find a way to rescue Judy-Anne, contained by the CDC and shipped off to carry out her life sentence in a containment facility.

Judy-Anne is forced to adapt to life on her own inside the CDC long-term holding facility. If she wants to survive, she will have to learn to protect herself in a place where people from all walks of life are thrown together against their will; the good, and the bad.

Lisbeth heads for Russia, leaving behind her daughter and husband. With the help of Alexei, a friend from Martin's mysterious past, she must find a way to protect her children in a world she barely knows.

Quarantine is the second part of the thrilling Containment Series, following the story of a family fighting to survive. If you're a fan of chilling dystopian futures, gripping post-apocalyptic worlds, and shocking conspiracies, then you'll love Quarantine.

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